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Profiles in Catholicism
Library: Father John T Pawlikowski, OSM, PhD

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Commentaries and Articles

 Book Reviews


Fr John Pawlikowski Reflects: Nostra Aetate and Arthur Szyk
(Nostra Aetate is the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions
of the Second Vatican Council)|
The 2015-16 Aaron-Roland Endowed Lecture
Fr. John Pawlikowski, OSM.

Catholic Social Teaching and Mission Lecture Series
Fr. John Pawlikowski, OSM.

A Catholic Theologian Discusses Islam
by John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D.

The Rev. Dr. John Pawlikowski: Wisdom of an Interfaith Pioneer


Christians and the Holocaust

The 3rd discussion panel of the Jan Karski - Memory and Responsibility conference organized in Warsaw by Fundacja Edukacyjna
Jana Karskiego and the Polish History Museum as a part of the celebrations of Jan Karski Centennial. 



  •  CHAIR: Zbigniew Nosowski – essayist, Editor-in-Chief of the Catholic Quarterly “Wi꼔

  •  Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, PhD – historian, Auxiliary Bishop of Cracow 

  •  Fr. John T. Pawlikowski OSM PhD – Professor of Social Ethics at the Catholic Theological Union,  Director of the Catholic-
     Jewish Studies Program, Chicago.

  •  Krzysztof Dorosz, PhD – writer, essayist 

  •  Professor Jan Grosfeld – political scientist, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University