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Merciful or Miserable?


by Carmen Julia Rodriguez


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 From the Good Book we learn: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”  This is one of the beatitudes we learn at Sunday school. In ordinary language it translates into the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you.” Common sense advice, right? Then, what has gone so wrong. Why instead of been merciful as logic would dictate we are instead miserable… 

“Miserere is about redemption, and the triumph of our best impulses
over our worst. It's also about swords, monsters,
chases, ghosts, magic, [and] court intrigues.
It's also really, really good.”

Alex Bledsoe 

You see it now don’t you – the opposite sides of the same coin. Miser, Latin for pity. To have mercy, we first most have misery… light and shadow… joy and pain… life and death. The eternal cycle of Good versus Evil. Yet… what if there were another way… 

From the Good Book we learn that we are baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body.”  It explains that as the human body has many different parts with different functions, we – though many – are One. Then why do we act as if what we do to one does not affect us or the others? We not only do it to ourselves but to Mother Nature as well. 

Desire… that Serpent of Old… the temptation, the lure, the excitement! What fun there is to be have if we do not push the boundaries… 

Every single act has a consequence. Every single journey begins with a single step: a choice. The choice is ours. Easier said than done! Still our choice is clear. To keep it together or to break apart. To live as One or to follow our individual desire no matter what. To live or to die. To be merciful or to be miserable… 

Good Journey!

Musings in anticipation of Divine Mercy Sunday, April 23th, 2017