Profiles in Catholicism
A RCIA Interview with Anya Safford at Holy Name Cathedral
by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D



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Eileen:   What made you come to RCIA?

Ann:        I came to RCIA because I had been coming to Holy Name since 2002, so it felt like the next natural step to join the faith.
                I was also searching for something meaningful in my life that I wasn’t getting anywhere else. 

Eileen:  Was there enough explanation for the activities we did?

Ann:        I felt there should’ve been more explanation of the Mass. Teaching us the prayers and responses, and also WHY we do them,
                instead of just giving us handouts.

Eileen:   What was the role of your sponsor?

Ann:        My sponsor was my spiritual guide throughout the process, guiding me along while keeping it relaxed and comfortable.
               Some “church folks” are too preachy and   judgmental, but my sponsor wasn’t like that at all.
               I felt like I could ask her anything. 

Eileen:   Did you work on your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Ann:       I did work on my relationship with Jesus, and I am still working on my relationship with Him.
               After all this time, I still feel like He’s a stranger to me. 

Eileen:   Did the liturgies move you to understand Christ and his church?

Ann:        I couldn’t really get into the Masses at that time. It wasn’t until after the vigil,
               when I began regularly attending the entire Mass that I began to understand the church more. I am still learning.
               I think it would’ve helped a lot to stay for the whole Mass instead of leaving.