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Between What IS and What Could BE:  LOVE


Carmen Julia Rodriguez


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… material advancement has also been accompanied by a massive substitutionary movement of human concern from the “transcendent and eternal” to the “immanent and temporal.” This temporal focus allows for the growth of the State unchecked by any concern for the spiritual freedom of Man… the Church has always been the object of Modernity’s antipathy because it represents a non-materialist conception of human freedom beyond the power of technology - or the state –

to control.”


The Church and the Culture of Modernity  by Richard Divozzo, 2011. 

In the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, ,the main character, Tevye, discusses with his wife the claim from their elder daughter that she and her husband-to-be pledged love to each other without the intercession of a matchmaker. Out of the blue, Tevye asks his wife, “Do you love me?”  Why was it important to a middle-aged man who had five daughters with this woman to know that she loved him? Mind you, love cannot be measured, weighted, dissected, or analyzed in a laboratory. By all modern standards, it simply does not exist. Yet, this Tevye - who will later on disown his youngest daughter for marrying a man who was not Jewish - asked his devoted, hard-working, committed wife, “Do you love me?”

We read in the Bible: I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.  (Jeremiah_3:13/) The Lion of Zion, the Lord of Lords brings to Him those He calls by name… and rejoices in their surrender to His LOVE.

Could an individual who believes reality is only what can be measured, weighted, dissected, or analyzed in a laboratory ever comprehend love ? From my perspective, what the Creator meant in Genesis 1:27 when He proclaimed man and woman were created in His own image and likeness was precisely this: God created them to love… yet, from Modernity’s perspective love does not exist.

Then why did Tevye need to know his wife loved him? Why do we need to know our parents love us? Why do we need to know we love our spouse? Why do we need to know our spouse loves us? Above all, why our need for surrendering to something we can hardly define or control – LOVE?

The Old Spanish saying is in these modern times more relevant than ever: “to understand a woman, you first must love her… and once you love her, what there is to understand?”  To understand God, we first must love Him as He loves us. Therefore the need for a leap into the void. Difficult for the modern mind because there is nothing to measure, weight, or analyze...

You see, it is the ultimate act of CREATION! (John 3:16 ) “For God so loved the world, He surrendered His only begotten Son so that everyone could have life everlasting.”