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Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the Eucharist at the canonization of Frei Galvão in São Paulo, Brazil on 11 May 2007    
(photo credit Fabio Pozzebom/ABr - Agência Brasil;)

  • Prayer for Children
    God of love,
    hear the cries of children around the world.
    Hear the mourning, screams, silent voices of fear and pain.
    How many tears and how much more blood
    will bring us a sense that we are all your children,
    no matter what race, nationality, religion, class and gender?
    God of mercy,
    forgive our sins of selfishness and insecurity
    that make us seek self-protection
    and power over others first.
    Grant us courage today
    to listen to your call of protecting, nurturing, and loving
    the most vulnerable ones among us
    so that we may be a messenger of your peace in the world.

    by Rev. Hikari Kokai Chang, Regional Missionary, Wesley Foundation in Japan
  • Prayers for Yummy Sandifer, Dantrell Davis, Ryan Harris, Eric Morse,
    Derrion Albert, Blair Holt, Jonylah Watkins
    , and the hundreds of
    other children murdered and
    continue to be murdered in Chicago
    O God, we pray for those who have been murdered on the streets of our city.
    We commit to your loving care those who have died, beseeching you to receive
    their souls into the mercy of your love. Comfort their loved ones who mourn.
    Enable them to meet the lonely and painful days ahead in the strength of your love.
    Let the love that you have made known to us lead us to create safer streets for all to walk upon.
    Vienna Cobb Anderson
  • Prayer for Child Syrian Refugees
    We pray to the Lord to end the abuse of
    Child Syrian refugees in Turkey and for all other abused children throughout the world
  • Prayer for Lane Graves
    To You, O Lord, we humbly entrust this child, so precious in Your sight.
    Take him/her into Your arms and welcome him/her into paradise,
    where there will be no sorrow, no weeping nor pain,
    but the fullness of peace and joy with Your Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
    Dear Lord, protect all your children; cover them with your LOVE; guide them to the LIGHT!
    Carmen Julia Rodriguez