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Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the Eucharist at the canonization of Frei Galvão in São Paulo, Brazil on 11 May 2007    
(photo credit Fabio Pozzebom/ABr - Agência Brasil;)






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  • Prayer for the Migrants Who Drowned in the Mediterranean and for all Migrants at Risk
    We pray to you Lord to welcome those who have lost their lives seeking a home that is safe from the violence of war and our indifference to those in need, and to protect those migrants who seek a life of dignity and freedom.
  • Prayer for Migrants
    For all those who see “home” and all it means
    Disappear behind them;
    For all those who cannot see a home
    In the days ahead of them;
    For all those who dwell in
    Daily insecurity;
    For all those who are weary and
    Without a safe place to rest their heads;
    For all families in migration we pray.
    May the image of the Holy Family
    Fleeing oppression stay with us as we enter a New Year,
    And stay with us each night as we are blessed
    With returning to a home.
    May we also be blessed
    With compassion for those
    Still weary, still seeking,
    Still with so far to go.

    by Jane Deren, 2007
  • Prayer for Women Who Are Immigrants and Seek Refuge
    God, you who guided Naomi and her family to look for bread in Moab, a foreign land, protect the women everywhere who have to leave behind their home or homelands so that they and their families can survive. May those who are escaping the ravages of war find shelter and sustenance. May the land in which they seek refuge welcome them and treat them with hospitality. May those who are seeking to stop the threats of violence against them find a peaceful and healing place. Help them hold on to their hope for a new beginning. And may those who are fleeing from the famines that starve them and their children find relief from their painful and debilitating hunger. May they find food both for their journey and for their bodies. You who guided Ruth to go to the Promised Land, grant that, like her, women may be lifted from the fields where they harvest to be part of royal lineage. And grant that we who are the spiritual descendants of those of old who were told that the holiest of trinities was made of the widow, the orphan and the migrant, be given the courage to see your face, your real presence, in the faces of women who have great need.

    Adapted from a prayer by Reverend Ignacio Castuera Gracious